Etta + Billie

Hello, I'm Alana Rivera, the founder of Etta + Billie. I first discovered my love for bath + body products as a blossoming teenager. Addicted to finding and trying as many products as possible, I amassed a serious collection of lotions, body washes, and all manner of body products. This youthful exploration laid the foundational interest for the skills that would lead me to develop Etta + Billie.

Born from a desire to step away from a stifling office job, create a useful product that could effect anyone's mood, and an awareness to develop product free of cheap chemical laden ingredients found in most bath + body products on the market, I realized that making my own products enabled me to feed my bath + body addiction while giving me creative freedom and control over the health of my routine.

The creative process began with learning the science of cold process soap making. From there, I began researching, creating, and experimenting with a variety of products + ingredients. My focus and interest grew with a consciousness for all natural + organic ingredients. This drive to innovate, with a consciousness for the natural, led me to study Herbalism at the California School of Herbal Studies in Northern California, allowing me to incorporate the healing + soothing power of herbs + essential oils into all Etta + Billie products.

The Soap Maven, and Etta + Billie were born!

Etta + Billie is named after two monumental women, my grandmothers. Having spent countless time with each Etta + Billie growing-up, I inevitably carry their memory and influence with me in my work. Grandma Etta + Grandma Billie are an integral part of my inspiration, and in naming our business after them, I honor the selflessness, tenacity, support + courage of all women.