Feve Artisan Chocolatier

From the first moment Shawn Williams worked with chocolate, he fell in love. In the kitchen, he creates flavors and textures like no other chocolatier. Located in San Francisco, Feve Artisan Chocolatier was inspired by the desire to create innovative and sustainable chocolate confections that offer a unique artistic culinary and transformative social justice experience. 

With Shawn's passion for chocolate and years of experience working as an Admiral's chef in the Navy, pastry chef at La Folie, assistant to Ewald Notter, and Chocolatier for Au Coeur de Chocolat, Feve started humbly, with big dreams and few investment dollars. Shawn personally experienced the benefits of micro-financing to help start his own business. Receiving a micro-loan through Kiva, he was able to purchase a stove to make his now signature Chocolate-covered Caramelized Nuts and Sea Salt Caramels.

Now, Feve uses 5 % of our profits to lend monies through KIVA to cacao farmers and help grow their businesses through micro-lending, bridging Shawn's love for his handmade artisan chocolate creations and his heart for the cacao farmers, which is why Feve products are "Elegance with a Conscience." 

Why cacao farmers? Delicious, high-quality artisan chocolate simply starts with the best cacao beans or Fève, which is French for 'bean'. On a trip to visit cacao farms in Columbia, Shawn saw firsthand, the plight of local cacao farmers, working hard to produce cacao for very low wages. Even with current Fair Trade standards and reputable companies paying higher wages to cacao farmers, quality of life continues to be a challenge in many parts of the world where cacao comes from.

And so, Shawn's passion to create beautiful and delicious chocolates was further enhanced by this desire to see the cacao farmers succeed.

In addition, Feve Artisan Chocolatier cares about our environment and the impact we make. For that reason, we've made many sustainable choices for our business. We purchase premium NON GMO quality chocolates from companies that specifically work with farmers who are pay fairly and significantly more for their product than is set by the Fair Trade organizations.