Maison de Monaco

Growing up in Brittany, France, I would pick fresh berries in the summer and apples and pears in the fall. Using these fresh fruits and recipes handed down from her mother, my grandmother taught me how to make preserves. She showed me how to cook the fruit in a copper kettle to retain all its taste and nutritional value. I learned how to blend fruits and flavors to produce innovative naturally-sweet preserves. My fondest memories revolve around the wonderful moments I shared with my grandmother tasting the delicious preserves we made in her modest kitchen.

When I started my own business twelve years ago – Les Fruits Potines, an artisanal kitchen located near Rennes, France – I sought to recreate those flavors of my youth. I began selling my preserves in local markets. People liked them so well I was able to expand my sales throughout France. I attribute this success to giving consumers natural foods that taste great.

San Francisco is now my home. Still I continue to make gourmet preserves using traditional French recipes, as well as new recipes that I have developed. The fruits are cooked artisan style at low temperatures in small batches in a copper kettle. In my grandmother's memory, I hope to share the simple pleasure of all-natural homemade preserves with you. I have a fundamental commitment to my customers; to deliver a quality product loaded with authentic flavor and nutritional value. 

Bon appétit!