McQuade's Celtic Chutney

Chef McQuade hails from the cold, damp streets of Glasgow. She transported herself to warmer climes several years ago. But she is not one to forget her roots. Toiling in her San Francisco kitchen to prepare her tasty entertainments for friends, she soon found that her chutneys were more popular than might be expected. When the bill collectors started requesting payment in chutney, it gave her pause for thought... Hmmm... perhaps Granny McQuade's chutneys were a hot commodity after all.

Granny McQuade's jellys and pickles were legendary but it was on her range of chutneys that her reputation rested. She was renowned throughout Glasgow for her spiced apple chutney and her gingered pear chutney. She grew her own fruit and vegetables in her cottage garden and I remember she would scour the hillsides gathering the wild harvest for her home-made preserves. Granny was a full time cook who worked in canteens and private houses, and she was a creative housekeeper who used the best of nature's bounty to fill her kitchen with the smells of home cooking.

Granny McQuade's precious handwritten recipe book has been passed down through generations of the McQuade family. We at McQuade's Chutneys have used the freshest produce and Granny's own traditional methods to bring her outstanding range of products to this side of the Atlantic.

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