T-We Tea

At T-We Tea, where ‘we are tea,’ we strive to create an all-encompassing community of tea drinkers and devote ourselves to bringing that community into a world of truth and beauty through the experience of tea and the ritual of the tea party. We make fine specialty tea accessible to the public and strive to unveil our three simple core values through education and community stewardship.

Truth: Single Origin Artisan Teas. The production of tea is an art, and we strive to empower those artists by showcasing their work. We will specifically share which single origin tea is being used in each blend and invite you to grow in appreciation for those artists along side of T-We Tea. Tea blends that represent tea. Tea should taste like tea, not candy.  We believe that it is time to let tea shine in our society. No artificial/natural flavors. We will never use artificial or ‘natural’ flavor enhancements in our tea.  We believe that the tea and blending ingredients should provide an honest representation in every cup. Gentle scenting and using of essential oils will be considered when enhancing the beauty of a tea.

Beauty: Sensory Experience. We believe in the beautiful journey that tea can start. From a single cup, tea can send our senses into a world of the unknown and the all-to-familiar. Inspiration. Tea inspires us as creators, artists, writers, musicians, makers, lovers, poets, and friends.  We use tea in our creative space.  When we drink tea, we create experiences and art. Ritual and tradition. Tea is woven into our human story and has been for thousands of years.  We respect the traditions that came before us, but set to create and inspire a new tradition, starting in our community and growing together.

Community: San Francisco. The success of the community in which we belong is integral to our own success as a tea business. T-We Tea will devote ourselves to that community through direct stewardship and devotion of our resources, talents, and friendships to the San Francisco community. Beyond SF Community. The world’s finest teas are grown from afar, but that does not mean we cannot support our local agricultural producers.  T-We Tea devotes ourselves to sourcing blending ingredients as often as possible from local sources. Global Community. Tea has been crafted from members of our global community, and we will always respect and proactively support that community. Tea sourcing is based on the support and longevity of the community of artisans creating the teas we love.  We also believe in the future of our planet and its longevity, without which there would grow no tea.

-- Kier & Christopher