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Happy Holidays Large Gift Box 2019

Give a little cheer and share the good wishes this season with the Sincerely San Francisco 'Happy Holidays' large gift box. Packed full of delicious SF goodies like  Bert's Bites scrumptious & addictive Chunky Almond Snack, Elizabeth W's refreshing & moisturizing Rosemary Mint lip balm and Charles Chocolates decadent Mac Daddy mini macadamia nut bar. This big box is tied with a beautiful bow and gift tag, making a lovely gift. Write a personal message to include with your gift box, printed on Sincerely San Francisco's folding card with a vintage map of SF. The Happy Holidays large gift box includes 13 items:   

Elizabeth W, Mint Rosemary Lip Balm: An all-natural long lasting shea butter lip balm to help comfort dry lips and protect against moisture loss with a refreshing mint & rosemary scent.

Charles Chocolates, Mac Daddy Mini Macadamia Nut Bar: This luxurious mini chocolate bar combines deep roasted macadamia nuts, fleur de sel caramel and a bittersweet chocolate ganache, all enrobed in 65% bittersweet chocolate. 

Mojo Bakes! SF, Smokey the Bourbon Toffee: Bourbon and liquid smoke are added to sugar and given a good soak. This, plus a longer, slower cooking time gives off a butterscotch aroma and color. The toffee is topped with 70% dark chocolate, black salt and smoked sugar. 

Bert's Bites, Chuncky Almond Snack: wholesome & hearty snack mix of almonds, dried cranberries, crunchy corn flakes, and spices. Contains almonds and eggs. 

Jamnation Jams, Trio of Berry Jams: these 1.5 oz size jars of berry goodness are delicious. 'The Berry Last Straw' - strawberry jam with key lime contains organic strawberries & tangy key limes for a perfect balance of sweet & sour. The 'Berry Mature' -- blueberry jam with elderflower essence has organic blueberries imbued with the subtle flavor of elderflower; and the 'Razzle Bazzle', raspberry jam with basil has organic Josephine raspberries infused with the brightness of fresh basil.

The Heated, Sutro Tower Dishtowel: The skyline of San Francisco just wouldn't be the same without this iconic landmark. This dish towel was printed in San Francisco with non-toxic, water-based red ink. Absorbent, 100% natural flour sack cotton, washing machine/dryer safe.

 Charles Chocolates, Ruby Cacao Strawberry Bar: Ruby Cacao is a completely new taste experience, the berry fruitiness and color are naturally present in the Ruby Cacao thanks to a unique processing method—meaning no colors or flavors are added to make this new “4th” chocolate. Ruby pairs beautifully with freeze dried California strawberries with the sweet and tart berries bringing out the berry and fruit flavors that are naturally present in Ruby cacao.

Etta + Billie, Rosemary Lemon Soap: Fresh herbaceous rosemary is the perfect complement to bright crisp lemon. Stimulating and energizing, this soap smells like sunshine in the garden. Etta + Billie soaps are handcrafted in small batches using organic ingredients. 

Other Brother, Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Other Brother's EVOO features their favorite blend of California grown olives -- Arbequina, Leccino and Pendolino -- which they called the "Growers Blend". Great for daily use, this oil is fruity, buttery and smooth, with a slight kick of pepperiness at the end. Comes in a light, tight 250ml tin with a convenient resealable pour spout.

Omnivore Salt, Wild Mushroom Salt 2oz Tin: This umami salt adds an earthy depth of flavor and is a perfect rub for meats, or addition to risottos, soups, and stews.

Recchiuti, Hazelnut Dark Milk Chocolate Bar: the combination of chocolate creates a full-bodied, elegant chocolate tasting experience. Recchiuti's seasonal Hazelnut Bar is made by caramelizing the nuts in burnt caramel before adding them to their custom-blend dark milk chocolate.

Kara's Cupcakes, Handmade Chocolate Swirl Marshmallows: Soft, pillowy handmade marshmallows are made in small batches with chocolate swirl and a hint of vanilla. Pairs perfectly Hot Cocoa.

Feve Artisan Chocolatier, Dark Chocolate Matcha Sesame Almonds: Caramelized almonds are covered in layers of dark chocolate and white chocolate with a hint of citrus then blended with black sesame and fine matcha tea.