Happy Holidays Small Gift Box

Give a little cheer and share the good wishes this season with this Sincerely San Francisco 'Happy Holidays' small gift box. Packed full of delicious SF goodies like Charles Chocolates decadent Mac Daddy mini macadamia nut bar, Mojo Bakes! SF's Smokey the Bourbon dark chocolate toffee and Clairesquares scrumptious buttery shortbread caramel chocolate square. This small gift box is tied with a beautiful bow and gift tag, making a lovely present. Write a personal message to include with your gift box, printed on Sincerely San Francisco's folding card with a vintage map of SF. This Happy Holidays small gift box includes 3 items:

Charles Chocolates, Mac Daddy Mini Macadamia Nut Bar: This luxurious mini chocolate bar combines deep roasted macadamia nuts, fleur de sel caramel and a bittersweet chocolate ganache, all enrobed in 65% bittersweet chocolate. 

Mojo Bakes! SF, Smokey the Bourbon Toffee: Bourbon and liquid smoke are added to sugar and given a good soak. This, plus a longer, slower cooking time gives off a butterscotch aroma and color. The toffee is topped with 70% dark chocolate, black salt and smoked sugar.

Clairesquares, Shortbread & Caramel Dark Chocolate Square: this individually wrapped delicious square combines a buttery shortbread base with a rich caramel center and a Belgian dark chocolate topping. NO artificial ingredients/corn syrup.

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