Happy Hanukkah

Celebrate the holidays and share the good wishes this Hanukkah with the Sincerely, San Francisco 'Happy Hanukkah' medium gift box containing 8 items representing the 8 nights of Hanukkah. Packed with delicious SF goodies like Bert's Bites scrumptious & addictive Chunky Almond Snack, Elizabeth W's refreshing & moisturizing Rosemary Mint lip balm and Charles Chocolates decadent Mac Daddy mini macadamia nut bar. Write a personal message to include with your gift box, printed on Sincerely, San Francisco's folding card with a vintage map of SF. The Happy Hanukkah gift box includes 8 items:  

Elizabeth W, Mint Rosemary Lip Balm: An all-natural long lasting shea butter lip balm to help comfort dry lips and protect against moisture loss with a refreshing mint & rosemary scent.

Charles Chocolates, Mac Daddy Mini Macadamia Nut Bar: This luxurious mini chocolate bar combines deep roasted macadamia nuts, fleur de sel caramel and a bittersweet chocolate ganache, all enrobed in 65% bittersweet chocolate.

Mojo Bakes! SF, Smokey the Bourbon Toffee: Bourbon and liquid smoke are added to sugar and given a good soak. This, plus a longer, slower cooking time gives off a butterscotch aroma and color. The toffee is topped with 70% dark chocolate, black salt and smoked sugar. 

Clairesquares, Shortbread & Caramel Dark Chocolate Square: this individually wrapped delicious square combines a buttery shortbread base with a rich caramel center and a Belgian dark chocolate topping. NO artificial ingredients/corn syrup.

Bert's Bites, Chuncky Almond Snack: wholesome & hearty snack mix of almonds, dried cranberries, crunchy corn flakes, and spices. Contains almonds and eggs.

Jamnation Jams, Trio of Berry Jams: these 1.5 oz size jars of berry goodness are delicious. 'The Berry Last Straw' - strawberry jam with key lime contains organic strawberries & tangy key limes for a perfect balance of sweet & sour. The 'Berry Mature' -- blueberry jam with elderflower essence has organic blueberries imbued with the subtle flavor of elderflower; and the 'Razzle Bazzle', raspberry jam with basil has organic Josephine raspberries infused with the brightness of fresh basil.

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