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Ultimate Local Snacks

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Send someone a BIG taste of San Francisco with our 'Ultimate Local Snacks' gift box. With a little something for everyone -- sweet, spicy, savory, sour, salty! This large gift box is packed with goodies like cookies, chocolate, popcorn, brittle, pretzels, toffee, s'mores and of course -- snacks! Truly original and made by makers who love what they do. The 'Ultimate Local Snacks' gift box comes with a beautiful bow in your choice of ribbon color with our letterpress or embossed gift tags attached. Write a personal message to include with your gift box from our greeting card selection from local stationers. Includes 14 items:

Humphry Slocombe, Cornflake CrunchHumphry Slocombe's insanely delicious cornflake crunch is an addictive gluten free sweet and salty snack that you won't be able to put down till it's all gone.

Nana Joes Granola, Orange Spiced Mixed Nuts: A tasty blend of nuts - Walnuts, Pecans, Cashews and Almonds - spiced with a touch of heat and a hint of orange. Vegan and Gluten Free.

Ticket Chocolate, Classic Artisan S'mores Kit: These handmade artisan s'mores kits are baked with Ticket Chocolate's private-recipe honey grahams, hand-crafted vanilla bean marshmallows, and their delicious salted milk chocolate bar. Each kit contains enough for four. 8.3 oz.

L'Amourette, Chocolate English Toffee Box: Toffee and L'Amourette dark chocolate are a balanced blend of salty and sweet in this rich chocolate indulgence. There are two sheets of English Toffee and Dark Chocolate sprinkled with salted almonds in each 4.5" x 4.5" box.

Dandelion Chocolate, Kokoa Kamili Tanzania 70% Dark Chocolate Bar: The single origin Tanzanian beans for this unique 70% dark chocolate bar taste of green grapes, sourdough bread, and chocolate gelato. 

Thatcher's Popcorn, Butter Toffee Pretzels: Mini Pretzels with Thatcher's famous toffee butter coating. A sweet and salty snack that's great for sharing.

Rustic Bakery, Meyer Lemon Shortbread: Rustic Bakery makes classic buttery shortbread with the perfect combination of sweet and tangy zest of fresh meyer lemon. 4oz.

Thatcher's Popcorn, Oil + Salt Popcorn: Tastes like good old movie theater popcorn! These kernels are popped with natural cottonseed oil and then sprinkled with salt. Perfect for snacking.

Bert's Bites, Chunky Maple Snack: Wholesome hearty snack mix with no nuts and gluten free. Includes organic corn flakes, organic corn puffs, organic maple syrup, organic dried cranberries, organic whole grain oats. Contains egg whites. 2.5oz

Mojo Bakes! SF x Dandelion Chocolate, Spicy Pumpkin Cocoa Nib Brittle: Mojo Bakes SF! and Dandelion Chocolate collaborated to make this Spicy Vegan Brittle with Costa Esmeralda Cocoa Nibs. Vegan. 4oz.

Charles Chocolates, Ruby Cacao Strawberry Bar: Ruby Cacao is a completely new taste experience, the berry fruitiness and color are naturally present in the Ruby Cacao thanks to a unique processing method—meaning no colors or flavors are added to make this new “4th” chocolate. Ruby pairs beautifully with freeze dried California strawberries. gluten free • egg free • nut free. 3.5 oz

Mojo Bakes! SF, Black Sesame ToffeeThis Black Sesame Toffee contains few different versions of black sesame seeds and oil to make it interesting. Plus sugar, butter, vanilla and salt, topped with even more seeds and 70% dark chocolate.

Little Apple Treats, Spiced Apple Pie Caramels: These caramels taste just like delicious apple pie! Little Apple Treats takes freshly-pressed cider from the heirloom apples they grow on their Sonoma County organic farm and blends them with warm spices —cardamom, allspice, cinnamon, and crushed vanilla bean to create these award-winning caramels.

Ticket Chocolate, Mom's Apple Pie White Chocolate Bar: Plump apple pieces, buttery crust, and traditional apple pie spices all surrounded by creamy couverture white chocolate. Ticket Chocolate's Mom’s Apple Pie Bar captures the essence of that homey American taste in this bar. With the white chocolate evoking the vanilla ice cream that tops Mom’s pies to peerless perfection!