The Munchies

The Munchies

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'The Munchies' is filled with tasty treats all made with love by local chocolatiers and makers. The perfect gift for someone with a hankering for sweet and salty snacks. 'The Munchies' comes in a medium white gift box with a beautiful bow in your choice of ribbon color with our letterpress or embossed gift tag attached. Write a personal message to include with your gift from our greeting card selection from local stationers. Includes 5 items: 

Bert's Bites, Crunchy Almond SnackA wholesome & hearty snack mix of almonds, dried cranberries, crunchy corn flakes, and spices. Contains almonds and eggs. 

Clairesquares, Buttery Shortbread SquaresRich, buttery Irish shortbread squares, made with real butter. Voted Outstanding Cookie Finalist 2012 by the National Association for Specialty Food & Trade. 6 squares. No artificial ingredients. 6.65 oz.

Thatcher's Popcorn, Kettle Corn Popcorn: Kettle corn popcorn has that perfect balance of salty and sweet. Once the kernels have popped, the popcorn is tossed with a little salt and a little sugar. Mmmm.

Charles Chocolates, Dark Milk Chocolate Toffee Coffee Bar: Packed with fresh almond toffee that is cooked in copper kettles, cooled and broken into large chunks and then combined with locally-roasted coffee beans, 55% (dark) milk chocolate and a touch of fleur de sel.

Little Apple Treats, Spiced Apple Pie Caramels: These caramels taste just like delicious apple pie! Little Apple Treats takes freshly-pressed cider from the heirloom apples they grow on their Sonoma County organic farm and blends them with warm spices —cardamom, allspice, cinnamon, and crushed vanilla bean to create these award-winning caramels.